Thursday, June 1, 2017

Patterned Daylilies

Bow Tie Affair x Kiss of Paradise
6 inches
This one is my favorite of the day.
Bow Tie Affair x Facemaker
6 inches 
I really like the silvery-lavender glints that are showing up 
in some of the patterns this year.

Stenciled Infusion x Bow Tie Affair
5.75 inches

Bow Tie Affair x Marina del Rey
6 inches, tall scape

Marina del Rey x Kiss of Paradise
5.5 inches

This one bloomed in a bit of a mess, but I
decided to add it because it is rather odd
in form and coloration. I'm really curious to see
how it turns out on the next bloom.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Selected Patterned Tet Seedlings

This bloom was not fully open when I took 
the photo. Since it rained soon thereafter, I 
couldn't get another photograph.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pink Chinese Wisteria in the Daylily Garden

Pink Chinese Wisteria 1

This tree-shaped Wisteria bloomed earlier, but I forgot to
 post the photos. We still do not have a handle on how to
prune it. The plant has a mind of its own, it seems.
Pink Chinese Wisteria 2
Pink Chinese Wisteria 3

Some Daylily Seedlings That Caught My Attention

Facemaker x Kiss of Paradise 1 (7in)

Plenty of blossoms today, more than I expected.
We're still having intermittent storms, but the
temperatures have increased, therefore more 
of the daylilies are preforming as they should.

Promises Kept x Crowning Light 6.75in

In my opinion, and to my surprise, the
above seedling is a beauty. It appears
even larger in person, and the soft colors are
a delight. And the substance is amazing.

Facemaker x Kiss Of Paradise 2 (5.5in)

I see the hints of a concentric pattern
underlying the bluish lavender eye. Maybe
I will see the pattern emerge on later blooms.

Bow Tie Affair x Kiss of Paradise 6.5in

Just a hint of a pattern in this one too. Gonna
try to cross this one with another pattern,
and try keeping the red eye and edge.

Stenciled Infusion x Kiss of Paradise 6.75in

Hints of silver glints in the above. Come on
patterns, show up already.

Whoppers? Yes, a Few Bloomed Today.

(sdlg x sdlg) x Azure Prism 1 (7.25in)
(sdlg x sdlg) x Azure Prism 2 (7in)
(sdlg x sdlg) x Azure Prism 3 (8in)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Many Storms, Cool Temps, A Few Blooms

Call Me Carla x Jelly Maker 6.5in

Yes, two purple eye and edged daylilies produced a 
yellow daylily. This one is special not only due to the
large size, but also because it has a very white base 
with a yellow eye and edge. Rather striking in

Bloom season is just beginning, and the 
flowers are few and far between, which is quite
pleasant in a sense, for I have time to
browse through the garden at my leisure.
Before long though, I will be spending loads of time
dabbing pollen, removing spent blooms, and
cataloging stats among other things.
Most of the seedlings due to bloom in 2018
have been planted thanks to hubby covering up the
tilled and amended bed keeping the rain
at bay. Otherwise we would have had mud, and an
inability to plant anything. We didn't fare so
well with the veggie garden. A few tomatoes,
 beans, and corn were planted before all the rain.
Other veggies will just have to wait.  
Happy Happy x Raspberry Mountain 6in

This flower looks larger to the eye. It is quite
showy, and I enjoy it immensely.

Happy Happy x Bluegrass Music 5.75in
Marina del Rey x Kiss of Paradise 5.5in

Not a great deal of complication going on in
this pattern, but I do like the silvery blue
colors in the design. I'll be watching this
one to see if the pattern spreads out once
the temps increase.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The 2017 Season Begins

Facemaker x Kiss of Paradise 
7 inches

This is indeed an early beginning for the year.

The above blossom managed to open on
a cold morning with a strong, tall scape,
and the thick substance held up well
after a downpour of rain.

Hope to have a few more blooms tomorrow,
and I can hardly wait till morning, though
even more rain is due tonight.


Friday, March 31, 2017

Browsing Daylily 2016 Photos

Prissy Girl

Easily pod-pollen fertile
Can't Touch This

I've had difficulty setting a pod on this one,
but the pollen is easy. 
Waves of Joy

New last year, and this is the first blossom
showing a complex pattern on the sepals. 
Easily pod-pollen fertile 
Crowning Light

This flower sometimes blooms in shades of light,
medium, and darker pink, and always with
clean colors. In this bloom, there is a triple
edge as well.  Pod-pollen fertile  
Ima Bigtimer

Easy pollen, but I had difficulty setting a pod.
Last year was generally an off year for  crossing,
so will give this one another try this season.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Daylilies, Color Palette

(Calamity Jane x Happy Happy)
6 inches 
Very clean colors, especially when viewed in person.
(Home of the Free x Red Edition)
6.5 inches 
Every seedling from this cross is a keeper. I 
can't decide which one is the best.
(Indigo Ruffles x Red Edition)
6 inches 
Love the shape of the lavender eye in this one.
(Italian Kaleidoscope x Glamoureyez)
6 inches 
Many blooms on this one
(Promises Kept x Roman Steel)
6.25 inches
(Space Coast Discovery x Memphis)
7 inches 
(sdlg x Fabulous Black Pearl)
6 inches

Daylilies, Some Patterns and Hints of Blue

(Nile Princess x Blue Jay Tapestry)
5.75 inches
(Marina Del Rey x Stenciled Infusion)
5.75 inches

This seedling had a blossom from a near by
plant unfold underneath one of the petals.
And, this seedling's petal stayed in that position 
when the other bloom was removed.  
Such things happen with field grown seedlings.
(Stenciled Infusion x Kiss of Paradise 23)
6 inches
(Stenciled Infusion x Kiss of Paradise 1)
6 inches
(Bow Tie Affair x Unknown)
6.5 inches
(Bow Tie Affair x Marina Del Rey)
6.25 inches

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Red Seedlings and an Almost Black One

(Born to Run x Priceless)
6.5 inches 
We have only a few registered reds to work
 with. So, I selected about 15 seedlings that 
offered some possibilities, and here are 
a few of them.

A few of the red seedlings with larger
edges were posted during the summer.  
(Mean Joe Green x Red Edition)
6.5 inches
(Born to Run x Red Edition)
6.25 inches
(Born to Run x Red Edition 2)
6 inches
(Ocean Child x Born to Run)
6 inches
(God Save the Queen x Zahadoom)
6 inches
This blossom was so dark at times during the
day that I could not get a photo. It took 
several visits and photo trials to get this one.
Had to catch just the right amount of light. 

I'm working toward a black with ruffles, but
this is just the beginning. We have seedlings
inside from the above crossed with another
 slightly ruffled black with white edges.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some That Caught My Eye

(Ultimate Fantasy x sdlg)
7 inches
(Violet Becomes You x Home of the Free)
7 inches
(Stenciled Infusion x Kiss of Paradise)
6 inches 

These last two seedlings are the same cross, but
they sure are different in appearance.  
(Stenciled Infusion x Kiss of Paradise)
6 inches