Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Topspin and a Few Seedlings

Stamile 2006, 11 x 38 inches

Topspin was new last year, and when I first saw it bloom, I didn't care much for it, but after the blooms this year, I am sold on this flower. It is absolutely beautiful, and the large blooms remind me of windmills. I did several crosses with it too, and the plants are inside growing nicely.

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(Bow Tie Affair x Blue Jay Tapestry)
5.75-6 inches

I love this one.
(Ivan Attitude x Baja California)

Copper colored seedling, at 6 inches, and a
bit odd, I think. Didn't expect to see one this color
from the cross. In the garden, it has a glowing
appearance, but that does not show up in this photo.
(Bow Tie Affair x Blue Jay Tapestry)

6 inches
Here's a seedling that needs a name that includes
butterfly or dragonfly. Also, a tad odd in form.
Very colorful pattern on the petals. So far, the blooms
stay this shape, however, I like it.